What can you find?


A program of 140 hours:

– 105 hours of specialized technical training.
– 35 hours of business management


–  Tutoring for each project.
– Experience and business support for each Project.

Technical and Business Support

– Free technical and business support.
– New business opportunities.



– Information and personal advise on Access to financing through financial entities or other alternatives.
– Access to financing by ACCIÓ up to 10.000€

What support will you receive?

  1. Smart Space, organizing entity of the Program: It is the meeting point for companies that develop and commercialize Smart Solutions
  2. AEBALL, Associació Empresarial de l’Hospitalet i Baix Llobregat.
  3. Entities for the promotion and promotion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, like as Catalunya Emprèn.
  4. Local government of L’Hospitalet and Baix Llobregat and others states organizations with P.A.E. responsabilities.

The main goals are to help all participants with the technical development of the Project, to get new business opportunities and find a partner to promote ideas of corporate entrepreneurship.

What do we expect from your Project?

Some solution to one of these problems in the Business Park

  • Solutions for the mobility of people: car Parks, bicycles, car-sharing, etc.
  • Solutions for goods: traffic, loading and unloading, etc. .
  • Solutions for visitors: signposting, access, etc.
  • Others.
  • Solutions for waste management.
  • Solutions to promote the circular economy.
  • Others.
  • Solutions for public area: vehicle control, lighting improvement, etc.
  • Solutions for companies: access control, roof monitoring, cibersecurity, etc.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Others.
  • Cable connectivity solutions.
  • Connectivity solutions for radio.
  • WI-FI solutions.
  • 4G/5G solutions
  • IoT
  • Others.


What will you get?

Intensive Program

  • Specialists who will support the training needs of each startup.
  • Advice from business owners, investors and advisers.
  • Support in specialized entities.
  • Inclusion in the Communication Plan to ensure the visibility of startups and the dissemination of the solutions.
  • Support in the search of partners, alliances with the Public Administration and corresponding entities, etc
  • We help you to set up your company.
  • Support during the first years of business life to facilitate your consolidation.

Specialized Technical Training: 105 hours

1. Opportunities and needs in the business area of economic activity:
1.1. What are the industrial business? How are business area managed?
1.2. Most common issues to be resolved
– Mobility.
– Sustainability.
– Security
– Connectivity
– Networking and business cooperation

2. Technologies applicable to business activity area.
2.1. Internet of Things: Basic knowledge. Advantages and Disadvantages of different technologies. Areas of application.
2.2. Smart parking: Technologies for sensorization and management of the data obtained. Other technologies.
2.3. Smart signposting.
2.4. Smart Access.
2.5. Traffic control: Tourism. Freight transport vehicles.
2.6. Design and creation of apps: Basic technical knowledge. Business models
2.7. Geolocation and application possibilities.
2.8. What is Big Data? Specific opportunities and technologies in business area.
2.9. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Smart Grids. Monitoring of losses and fraud. Energy management. Energy efficiency systems. The Big Data in the improvement of efficiency. LEED certifications. The role of the user in sustainability.
2.10. Security: Access control. Cameras Alert management. Lighting and security. Drones and disruptive technologies. The Big Data in the management of security.

3. Market of Business Area:
3.1. The business area in Catalonia and in Spain: Solutions to Business Area.
– The main associations of business area
– Public Administrations: Urban Planning Departments / Local Economic Promotion: Presentations by those responsible for innovation of PAE’s such as the Economic District of L’H and other PAE’s of the territory. Supramunicipal entities interested in the P.A. and calls for grants.
3.2. The Business area in Europe and in the world. Situation and information about the most important industrial área.

Business Management: 35 hours

4. Analysis and detection of business opportunities.
5. BB.DD. Responsibility and Social Innovation.
6. Determination and Knowledge of the Objective and Market Client.
7. Business model.
8. Planning and Project Management.
9. National and International Financing.
10. Business pitch – Effective communication.

For whom is the target?

  • Business professionals and entrepreneurs interested in Smart sector.
  • Degrees in Formative Cycles and  Degree students.

Experts & Teachers

Alfredo Fernández

Telecommunications Manager Catalunya and Balearic Islands at IDOM

Verónica Kuchinow

Founder & CEO - Simbiosy expert in circular economy

Eduardo Martínez Gil

Officer Manager excellent center in Smart Cities at INDRA

Neus Olea

Chief Operating Officer at Smart Space. Expert in business collaboration and associationism. Innovation Management at AEBALL

Rocío Ortíz

Director of the Northwest and Canary Islands Area of the Area of Innovation and Technology at SECURITAS

Rosa Paradell

Director of the Smart Cities Innovation Business Unit at i2CAT

Juan Mediavilla

Director of Mobility and Public Road of the City of L'Hospitalet

Raúl González

Business Development at CELLNEX

Lluis Travería

Head of the Department of Infrastructure Planning of L'Hospitalet City Hall

Diego Torres

Director of the Smart Cities Innovation Business Unit at i2CAT

Toni Oller

Teacher at the Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona

Jesús Alcover

Teacher at the Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona

Jordi Damià

CEO at Setesca

Rafael González

Manager Industrial sector at Setesca

Susanna Artó

Manager of Confia Consulting. Expert in the commercial area

Pep Salas

Manager at Smartgrids.Cat

Vicente Barra

Marketing Manager of the quality division at Circutor

Xavier Farriols

President at Cluster of Energy Efficiency of Catalonia. Director General at the Department of Electrical Business at Energy Factor

Esther Izquierdo

Engineer and Energy and Environmental Consultant at ARCbcn

David Arroyo

Product Solution Selling at Vodafone

Enric Madrigal

Expert in organizational transformation, change management and personal development at AddVANTE

Oriol Lopez Plana

Founder & CEO at CHAPTER#2

Nuria Soriano

Expert in Banking and Financing Management

Santi Macià

Technical of the Subsection of Productive Sectors at Teixit Productiu de la Diputació de Barcelona

Alejandro Blanco

Business Opportunity Generation Technician in Intelligent City Environments at the City Hall of Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Esther Sardans

Journalist and Communication Expert

Jordi Tort

Councilor for Economic Promotion in Gavà

Hèctor Santcovsky

Director of the Economic Development Agency at AMB

Roger Pumares

Manager of Services of Economic Promotion at Servei de Teixit Productiu en la Diputació de Barcelona





Education + Mentoring



Experts and teachers support
throughout the program



Hours of Education



Hours of Tutorial




Someone who has participated in other program editions

The program has excellent and expert instructors in each area. I recommend this program for its enriching and multidisciplinary content, essential for entrepreneurs.

Rubén Rumipamba Zambrano PhD (c) en Comunicaciones de Banda Ancha – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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